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Here Comes The Sun

As the summer months approach, businesses often experience shifts in their operations, whether it's due to increased stock levels, a temporary workforce, or the use of different locations, ensuring you have adequate protection via your insurance during this season is important.

📦 Increased Inventory and Stock

Many businesses, particularly in the retail and hospitality sectors, see a surge in demand during the summer. This often means carrying more inventory to meet customer needs. With this increased stock may come the need for higher cover limits on policies. Companies should assess their current inventory levels and ensure that their insurance covers the total value of their stock, including any seasonal increases.


👩🏻‍🍳 Temporary & Seasonal Workers

Summer is a prime time for hiring temporary or seasonal workers to handle the increased workload. Whether it’s extra hands in a warehouse, or additional staff in a restaurant, these workers need to be covered under the company’s insurance. Businesses should update their policies to reflect the higher number of employees and ensure all temporary workers are adequately protected in case of accidents or injuries.


🎪 Outdoor Operations & Special Events


Many businesses expand their operations outdoors during the summer months. This could include outdoor dining for restaurants, open-air markets for retailers, or outdoor events and festivals. These activities might not be covered under standard insurance policies, which typically focus on your regular business premises. It's essential to review and possibly extend coverage to include these new locations and activities. Event insurance can also be purchased to protect against specific risks associated with one off events.


🚚 Travel & Transport Risks


Summer can involve increased travel and transport, whether it's for business purposes or to move stock between locations. Companies should review their commercial insurance policies to ensure they have adequate cover for any additional vehicles or increased mileage. Furthermore, if your business involves shipping goods, it’s important to verify that marine and inland transit insurance policies are up to date to cover potential losses or damages during transport.



Summer brings unique challenges and opportunities for businesses, and with them, specific insurance needs. By proactively reviewing and adjusting your insurance policies to cover increased stock, temporary workers, outdoor operations, travel risks, and weather-related threats, businesses can ensure they are well-protected and prepared for the busy season.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with your Broker at any time to discuss any changes or concerns you may have or enquire about additional cover options.


We can provide valuable insights into potential risks and suggest adjustments to ensure comprehensive protection.

Taking these steps not only safeguards the business but also provides peace of mind, allowing focus on taking full advantage of the summer months!


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