Professional indemnity (PI) insurance is a commercial policy designed to protect business owners, freelancers and the self-employed if a third party i.e. a client looks to bring a claim against them for inadequate advice. Any organisation which provides a professional service or gives advice could be sued if the recipient is unhappy with their work and causes them a financial loss.

Professional Indemnity insurance covers the legal fees incurred as well as any damages and / or expenses which may be awarded against your business if it is alleged that you caused your client a financial loss. If your business is a professional service providing advice and expertise to your clients, it is vital to cover yourself against the risk of a professional negligence claim. 

Having Professional indemnity insurance for your business isn't compulsory under the law, but the rules of many regulators and professional bodies means it is compulsory for many professions. For industries where it is not compulsory to have PI insurance you may find that it is a requirement of your clients contract.



A Business Combined insurance policy is a comprehensive level of insurance offered under a single policy, bringing together a range of the most commonly required covers in order to protect your business. 

If you are considering a Business Combined policy for your business, the team at Simcox Brokers will discuss your requirements with you and help you understand your risk, allowing you to select a policy and cover that is tailored to your needs.


The following cover types are some examples of what can be arranged within a Business Combined Policy:

  • Employers Liability

  • Public & Products Liability

  • Legal Expenses

  • Buildings

  • Business Equipment 

  • Stock

  • Terrorism

  • Business Interruption

  • Goods in Transit

  • Machinery Breakdown

  • Engineering Inspections

  • Group Travel & Personal Accident 

  • Fidelity 

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Management Liability insurance is designed to cover key individuals, as well as the entity for a wide range of issues surrounding decisions carried out, mistakes made and alleged wrongful acts.

A Management Liability policy is split into these sections of cover:

Directors and Officers Liability (D&O)

Directors have specific duties and responsibilities. If they are found to be in breach of these duties, they could become personally liable. This could be the result of litigation from various parties such as shareholders, regulatory bodies and creditors. In the event of a legal action being brought against a director or officer for an alleged wrongful act, a Directors' and Officers' policy will cover their legal defence costs and expenses.

Employment Practices Liability (EPL)

Employment Practices Liability will protect a company against employment claims. This could be settlements, costs and damages for a wide array of employment violations such as allegations from unfair dismissal to racial discrimination in the workplace.

Corporate Legal Liability

Often referred to as Entity Defence cover, Corporate Legal Liability is similar to D&O cover but provides insurance cover for legal costs should an allegation be made against the company — for example, an alleged breach of contract, identity fraud, pollution and tax investigation.

Crime and Fidelity

Crime and Fidelity is a type of insurance that protects an organisation from loss of money, securities or inventory as a result of a crime. Types of claims could arise from the dishonesty of employees, digital fraud and counterfeiting. 



Cybercrime is one of the fastest-growing crimes globally and almost all businesses are at risk of being a victim. Data breaches, ransomware, phishing, social engineering, funds transfer fraud the list is endless.

We can arrange innovative Cyber & Privacy Liability insurance tailored to your individual needs. Should the worst happen we will also work with you and your insurers to help recover your vital digital information so you can get your systems and business operations up and running again as quickly as possible.

Businesses that keep customer data or financial information need to be even more mindful of the risks and have a fit-for-purpose insurance policy to cover all the inevitabilities.



At Simcox Brokers we work with landlords, property developers and commercial property owners.

We can arrange tailored insurance for small and large property portfolios. We have particular expertise in arranging insurance for the more challenging property types such as properties which are unoccupied, undergoing building works, in high flood risk areas, are used for multiple purposes, are of non-standard construction, are listed or have had previous claims.

Our expert brokers have access to a range of leading specialist insurers to cover even the most complex of properties with comprehensive protection to cover the following: 

  •  Buildings 

  •  Contents 

  •  Property Owners Liability 

  •  Employers Liability 

  •  Loss of Rent 

  •  Legal Expenses 

  •  Terrorism

  •  Personal Accident

Subject to criteria, we can also provide our clients with access to  a range of specialist services which include:

  • FREE Health & Safety resources

  • Risk Management Surveys 

  • Building Insurance Valuation Service 

  • Loss Recovery 



Many business owners are only too aware of the damage that bad debts can have on the health of a company. Unfortunately, bad debts are a fact of life, and the effect of a major loss could wipe out a year’s profit or potentially worse.


If you are looking to expand your business into new markets or territories but are worried about the risk of non-payment or complicated collection & legal situations, a bespoke Trade Credit Insurance policy could make perfect business sense. 

Put simply, a Trade Credit Insurance policy will indemnify you following the insolvency or default of your trade credit customers. A policy will provide valuable information on potential new customers as well as existing accounts. It is commonly referred to as ‘sleep insurance’ as it allows you to concentrate on running your business without worrying about your largest customer going bust.