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As Insurance Brokers, we look to build long term relationships with our clients and through our trusted partners we can offer them access to the following services:

Risk Management & Health and Safety Consultancy

To ensure you continue to benefit from competitive premiums, we can provide practical in house risk management advice and work with external expert risk assessors and health and safety consultants.


Financial Advisors, Accountants and Solicitors

We work alongside financial advisors, accountants and solicitors, and are more than happy to put you in touch should you need them.


Debt Recovery Service

Cash flow is the lifeblood of every business. When unpaid debts stem this flow, the life expectancy of the entire company is threatened. Focusing on getting paid for a sale is the best way to avoid cash flow problems. We have negotiated discounted rates with a debt recovery solicitor who can help settle any money owed.

Contract Review Service

In conjunction with insurers and solicitors, we can arrange FREE legal advice for our construction, engineering and renewable energy clients. This includes free advice as to whether the terms of novation agreements, proposed appointments and collateral warranties could prejudice your entitlement to cover.

Marketing & Media Services

If you're looking to launch a company, grow the brand or improve online presence, we can suggest media, marketing and lead-generation companies. With experience across all sectors, they provide top-quality marketing consultancy.

Recruitment Services

We have links with specialist recruiters and talent management consultants and are more than happy to introduce them to your business.


Commercial Property Advisors

We have contacts with commercial property advisors that can help with business rate reductions, surveying and property management matters.